Star Sports to show India’s wins over Pakistan amid lockdown

The pre-match buzz of an India-Pakistan match or a series drums up quite a crescendo weeks before the two teams actually arrive. Add the element of a contest between the two cricketing powerhouses in a World Cup and the noise level and anticipation reaches fever pitch. For Indian cricket fans across the country, Star Sports, India’s leading broadcaster and the “Home of Cricket” will showcase thrilling nail-biting matches between India and Pakistan, featuring encounters from World Cup and Asia Cup.

Modi pushes symbolic measure, government does substantive review

In a symbolic move on the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave a call to citizens to switch off the lights in their homes and light oil lamps, candles, and flash their mobile phone torches on April 5 at 9pm, for nine minutes. This, he suggested, will be a mark of the collective power of people and showcase their determination in taking the country from darkness to illumination.

India’s cases hit 3,000; two die in city

Delhi reported two more deaths from coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and 93 fresh cases on Friday, taking the total number of cases in the national capital to 386, even as the national case count crossed 3,000, with the emergence of new clusters in metropolises despite the country observing its 10th day of the three-week lockdown to break the chain of infections.

Don’t switch off fans on Sunday, suggest experts

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the nation to switch off lights in their homes on Sunday to show solidarity amid Covid-19 outbreak, power industry could be facing a major challenge, experts said. Experts suggested that citizens must not switch off their fans, fridge or other gadgets except lights on Sunday to maintain grid supply. An official from Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL), which supplies power to the entire state, said they are studying on what can be the possible effects and how to manage the supply on Sunday.