Someone used a cheese slice as a bookmark and people are outraged

Just days ago, a tweet about a man being dubbed ‘book murderer’ sparked a ton of reactions among people – especially those who love books. The man has won the title because he slices his big books in half so he they are ‘more portable’. The tweet, especially a picture of three books sliced through the middle, raked up varied opinions among people. This recent tweet by the University of Liverpool Library has had a similar reaction. The tweet is simply titled, “This is not a bookmark.” A picture tweeted alongside shows an old cheese slice (thankfully still inside its wrapper).

Rishi Kapoor shares pic of Pran dressed as a woman, says veteran actor pranked his Bhabhi by dressing as brother’s lover

Rishi Kapoor, who often shares film trivia with fans online, hosted a picture quiz on Twitter. He posted a picture with a person seen in a sari and asked Twitter users, “Need you to tell me who this person is? If someone already knows the answer through a different source, please refrain from disclosing. Let’s not spoil the suspense for others. Thank you. I give you 10/20/50 guesses. Answer coming soon!!”

Can Street Dancer 3D help Varun Dhawan shed the weight of his only box office failure, Kalank?

Weeks after the release of Kalank and its subsequent failure, Varun Dhawan spoke to Hindustan Times in an interview, speaking how he and the film’s team let down people. “The film did let down people. We have collectively gone through why it didn’t work. Personally, it (failure) was important. I wanted the failure to affect me because if it doesn’t, then that means I don’t love my work,” the actor said.