Will win fight against virus together: IP Extn residents

New Delhi: On March 25 around 9pm, the empty streets outside the gated apartment complexes in east Delhi’s IP Extension — which houses a cluster of high-rise societies — were overwhelmed by scores of migrant workers, many carrying heavy suitcases, backpacks and their children, walking out of the nearby IP Extension industrial area.

ISKP chief’s arrest for gurdwara attack brings out clear link to Pakistan’s ISI: Official

In a massive security operation backed with pin-pointed intelligence , the Afghan security forces wiped out the entire Pakistan-sponsored module of the so-called Islamic State of Khorasan Province with the arrest of chief Mawlawi Abudullah aka Aslam Farooqui and 19 other top terrorists. A Pakistan national and a former Lashkar-e-Tayebba (LeT) operative, Farooqui was arrested for the massacre of 27 Sikh worshippers at Shor Bazaar Gurudwara in Kabul on March 25.