Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s latest short film Bebaak is an angry portrayal of conservative religious restrictions on women

With the discussion around current Covid-19 pandemic turning communal following the discovery of a meeting of thousands of Tablighi jamat in a Nizamuddin mosque that has led to more than 9,000 people being quarantined in fear of having been infected with the coronavirus, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s new short film comes at the perfect time. Titled Bebaak (Defiance), the film is an angry outburst of a common man bearing the brunt of communal religious heads and the hardliner thoughts of the conservative.Written and directed by Shazia Iqbal, the film also features Saba Hashmi in the lead role of Fatin.

Google to soon highlight govt announcements in Search results

With billions logging in to Google everyday searching about Covid-19 pandemic, the tech firm has made several changes in the past to its service so they get all the information quickly and easily. It is now making another change on its website that will put more information made by governments, right on top of the search. The company will now directly highlight the important announcements made by governments and health agencies.

Reforming the World Health Organization | Opinion

The spread and scale of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) have seen calls for strengthening international cooperation in the area of public health, both at the regional level and multilaterally. The Group of Twenty (G20)  video summit on March 26 decided on better data-sharing and enhanced cooperation.