The making of an urban tragedy

The horrendous fire tragedy at Anaj Mandi in the early hours of Sunday, December 8th, that killed 43 poor migrants, deafeningly signals a systemic failure to cope with urbanisation. Yet, this perspective still remains largely ignored. This is probably because one of the most surprising, and ironically banal, facts about the national Capital is that an overwhelming number of buildings here are illegal.

From the archives of the Hindustan Times: December 10

National Council of Sports constituted (1970)New Delhi- Government of India have constituted the National Council of Sports and Physical Education to advise on the promotion and development of sports, games, physical education and recreation in the country, according to a formal announcement made today (December 9).

Alfred Bernhard Nobel: Founder of the Nobel prizes

Born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833, to Immanuel and Caroline Nobel. During childhood, his health was poor but he was intelligent and curious about the world. His father tried to set up a business in Sweden but was not very successful, so he went to St Petersburg, Russia. His work there was to supervise the manufacture of explosives.

Delhi school events: Training Sessions for Budding Footballers

As part of the Marksharks Passion Expedition Programme conducted in schools of Delhi NCR in association with HT PACE, football training sessions were conducted for the students by LaLiga Football Schools, which has brought its grassroots programme to India aiming to train budding footballers. Their methodology has been moulded in the best league in the world and created by studying top clubs, players and coaches. These training sessions were conducted at their centres – Laxman Public School, Hauz Khas, Beat Park, Vasant Kunj, Pathways School, Sector 100, Noida – over a period of three days. The experienced coaches from the academy, with the help of uniquely designed training modules, helped the students understand the value of the sport along with teaching them the minutest details about footwork, body control, teamwork, fitness and commitment. LaLiga Football Schools are set up and operated in partnership with India On Track (IOT), a sports organisation that focuses on positively impacting the sports ecosystem in India. After the vigorous training sessions, students felt motivated as they got details about the scope of the sport like nowhere else.