OTTswitness a sudden jump in traffic as cinema halls remain shut amid lockdown

Staying in is most of us are doing amid this pandemic situation. And naturally, the more we stay at home, the more we find ourselves glued to the screens. Now, with no film releases in sight because of the shutdown of theatres and shoot of TV shows stalled across the country, what everyone is finding solace in are the OTT platforms. In fact, web shows have become the best tool for people to ward off boredom, and the platforms, too, are ensuring that the audience is spoilt for choice.

DLW develops, deploys foot-operated hand-wash kiosk

The DLW (Diesel Locomotive Works) has developed a unique hand-wash kiosk for its employees, which can be operated by feet. The first hand-wash kiosk has been installed at the RPF barrack on the DLW premises. The move comes as part of the Break the Chain campaign to defeat coronavirus. Two more hand-wash kiosks are waiting to be installed at different locations of the DLW.

Review: Mobilising the Marginalised: Ethnic Parties Without Ethnic Movements by Amit Ahuja

It is fashionable, especially among the urban middle classes in India, to portray elections as a caste-versus-development contest, where the latter always ends up losing. More often than not, development is seen under threat if a leader from a socially-deprived caste is successful in getting elected. This sweeping generalisation is rightly critiqued on the grounds that belonging to the bottom of the caste hierarchy is the single biggest hindrance to achieving progress in India. Therefore, the socially (and hence economically) backward people are justified in seeking solutions to their problems through democratic politics. The hope of achieving equality through universal suffrage, among India’s discriminated-against and downtrodden, is the most basic foundation of our democratic stability.

Anand Mahindra’s confession about his WFH attire leaves tweeple in splits

It’s been a considerable amount of time since many of us began working from home. By now you’ve probably scrolled through many memes on WFH and know you’re not the only one getting a little of this. Working from home can get on your nerves but it surely has its own perks among which is wearing whatever you want through the work day. Well, let us tell you, you’re not alone. Business tycoon Anand Mahindra has spilled a hilarious secret while sharing a meme on WFH. This tweet will help you understand that your bosses may also have a similar casual approach to their attire just like you do.

Five commandos, 5 terrorists killed in LoC ‘hand-to-hand’ battle

NEW DELHI: In a dark day for the army’s Special Forces (SF), five commandos belonging to an elite unit were killed in action along the Line of Control in Kashmir’s Keran sector on Sunday during an intense close-quarter battle with an equal number of terrorist infiltrators who were all eliminated, three officers familiar with the details said on Monday on condition of anonymity.

Not in God’s hands: Why Tabligh Jamaat’s actions are indefensible | Opinion

‘Jahiliat’ is the only suitable word to explain the indefensible actions of Tabligh Jamaat leaders and their followers, who became one of the main vehicles of the spread of Covid-19 cases across India. Ignorance is a much milder term for this South Asian organisation that has spread its tentacles in several countries across the globe. It is not only in India, but also in Pakistan that the organisation drew flak from its authorities after about 2.5 lakh Tablighis gathered at their headquarter at Raiwind near Lahore on March 11. The ijtema was finally called off the next day, packing off everyone back, but not without the expected fallout in terms of spread of the disease.