PUBG Mobile: You are not even close to that chicken dinner till you master these tricks

Let’s admit it. Mastering games likes PUBG Mobile is not possible. Nobody can win all the matches all the time at any point of day in any situation. But then there are some who come close and are the real masters who take all the chicken for dinner, most of the times. How do they do it? Does this require months and months of concentration on how to play and remembering area where you get the most valuable loots? Or is it just about developing the right skill in a short span of time? We think it’s the latter and these five tricks are exactly what you need to be that person who ‘comes close’ to mastering PUBG Mobile.

Roopal Tyagi: ‘I was told I wasn’t good enough, to get a nose and cheek job’

On February 17, actor Roopal Tyagi, slammed the industry in a long open letter on her Instagram. She said that the industry has a “huge power to influence our society…specifically the target audience” but “when are we going to stop faking it?”. She adds, “85% of our shows are downright regressive and portray “THE LEAD” in bad light. You think you make a show about a “dark” skinned girl, a “short” girl, a “fat” girl etc and about the problems they face and call it a progressive show. No. All that such shows are doing is instilling subliminally that these very normal basic physical characteristics of a woman’s body are actually something to be ashamed of.” She feels the industry should make a progressive show which go “beyond a woman’s body” and cast a dusky, short or a fat girl as the girl next door. “cause that’s how girls next door are! It’s normal. We are Indian girls.. not at all fair skinned, 6 feet tall or muscular,” she wrote.

IQoo 3 first impressions: A make-or-break situation

A couple of months ago there was hardly anyone who heard about the smartphone brand ‘iQoo’. It existed under Vivo’s umbrella for quite some time but was limited to China for the most part. However, within the past couple of months, the brand rose to fame in a big way, thanks to its bold claim of launching India’s first 5G smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Although it missed the ‘India’s first’ spot by a day with Realme stealing the thunder, it still is the second brand to officially launch its 5G smartphone in the country at today’s date.

Viral post about lost dog hanging out at a police department is so adorable

Lost dog stories usually leave people worried and upset. This one, however, is far from it and even has a happy ending. A post shared on Facebook describes a short but beyond adorable story of a dog randomly turning up at a police department, getting a lot of love from officials and then returning to its original owner. The post has gone all kinds of viral and the dog’s happy face has a lot to do with it.

EWS admission: 182 private schools in Gurugram yet to display vacancies

Officials from the school education department on Monday said that 182 private schools in the district had not registered and displayed Economically Weaker Section (EWS) vacancies on the online admission portal as mandated. Monday was the last day for registering and displaying vacancies, as per the EWS admission schedule for classes 2-8 under Rule 134-A of Haryana School Education Rules. The admission schedule was issued by the directorate of school education on Thursday.

‘True, loyal friend’: Donald Trump affirms India relationship

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump on Monday presented their vision for the next phase of the bilateral strategic partnership between the two countries, with the US leader promising India one of the “biggest ever” trade deals and the “most-feared military equipment” as they jointly addressed a rally attended by over 100,000 people.